Thinking Backwards

Recent polls are showing the tide of support favoring GOP candidates. If the tide continues, President Obama can look working with a GOP controlled Congress.

One of the most quoted reasons is voter disgust with the Affordable Care Act. The two reasons cited are (1) the individual mandate (that is everyone must buy health insurance), and (2) the loss of the coverage, either totally or at least the policy individuals had before ACA.

Both of these reasons are suspect. While the reasons themselves are undoubtably true for some people, but how many? Most Americans still obtain their health insurance through employer administered programs. Everyone should be suspect of those who oppose the individual mandate.

Health insurance avoiders are gaming the system and costing everyone else big bucks through use of emergency room services or outright inability to pay hospital and doctors charges. For those who have had their employer provided coverage taken away, shame on the employer, not shame on ACA.

With respect to those previously elected to purchase less costly policies with less coverage, in a strange way most of them were also gaming the system… unless they were fully prepared to cover all doctors and hospital costs.

Logic suggests that it is unlikely any voters are choosing one party over the other due to healthcare. Rather, there are reacting to impressions developed from negative Super Pac ads. The boat load of conservative negative advertisements very likely has a finger, if not the whole hand, in this.

Super Pac money could have a much greater impact if these donors were really interested in healthcare. Flooding the airwaves with information about how European healthcare works, what its results are, and how much it costs would be an eye opener.

If the GOP said, “that’s what we will bring Americans”, I would say “sign me up”.

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