Having It Your Way

Can you imagine reading these headlines, “President Obama Abandons GI In Afghanistan”?

It could have been that way had not President Obama authorized the swap of 5 Guantanamo detainees for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. Instead, “you know who” is claiming the swap will endanger future GIs.

Prisoners of war are a sensitive topic in all conflicts. They are especially sensitive when one side represents irregular forces and the swap would involve uniformed soldiers for un-uniformed guerillas.

And trading 5 for 1, well that just sound fair.

The GOP opposition seems like another death wish.  Of course it could be just a knee-jerk reaction and without any thought.

I wonder how the VFW will feel about the alternative of leaving a POW in Afghanistan after US combat troops with draw?

The swap is not without its risks. The five released Taliban members were said to be prisoners who would never be tried but still subject to indefinite detention. One might think these prisoners were likely to resume their past behavior once they are given a chance.  For a movement that seems to never lack members willing to kill themselves and as many others a possible, releasing 5 more seems like a drop in the ocean.

Even more a question mark, however, is how exactly did Bergdahl get captured? Did Bergdahl somehow facilitate his capture? Hmmm.

A prudent GOP would have waited for the dust to settle before declaring a position, I would have thought. But then using data and facts is not any politician’s long suit.

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