A Mess Is A Mess

When George Bush and his mentor, Dick Cheney, invaded and occupied Iraq, a very fragile, but tightly bond, society was shattered. The US had no business intervening and as history has (and will continue to) show, had no idea of what it had done or knowledge of what to do once the consequences were clear.

Today we are seeing the first phase of another Iraq destruction play out. Why am I not surprised? The Iraq invasion and occupation was uncalled for and from the eariest days an embarrassing display of America’s foreign intelligence.

Iraq was an artificially created country, bounded by outsider drawn borders, ever ready to self destruct and blow apart from social and religious divides. Sadamm Hussein was a bad actor, one of the worst. He was, however, successful in suppressing the Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish difference. (Of course this was done by an iron rule mentality and merciless willingness to kill). Never the less, Iraq was an under control country.  The common person could live.

Following the uninvited US invasion, the US authorities dismantled the Iraq Army and in essence gave the keys to the previous underclass, the Shiites. While this was long overdue, the Shiites were not prepared to govern and form a coalition government.

Why not give the money to fellow Shiites (the new Iraqi Government thought) since they had been so discriminated in the past?

It is unclear how the current insurrection will play out. There is no reason to expect a democratic solution or even an authoritarian government favorable to the west. Rather, one should expect a government (or ruling authority) that favors more authoritative measures favoring one religious sect over the others.

So… to see President Obama speaking to journalists about the US supplying military aid to the Iraqi Government must make one wonder. What is it about non-inclusive governing practices that the US does not understand?

Since the installation of the Maliki lead Iraqi Government, the inclusion of Sunni’s and Kurds has been minimal. In third world countries like Iraq, inclusive governments are all about sharing the meager wealth of the lands, not necessarily for producing policies reflecting a country wide preference. So why commit more good money after bad?

The invasion and occupation of Iraq has opened pandora’s box. Getting all the gremlins back in the box will be a thankless (and probably impossible) task.  Allowing Iraq to split into three sections might be the wisest step forward.

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