Russia I

Moscow, June 12, 2014

I have just arrived in Russia, Moscow to be exact. I looked for men with green eyes and long tails but have not seen any yet. I have also looked high and low for KGB agents but to no avail. (I guess if they are decent spies I would not be able to spot them.)

On the plane ride from New York’s JFK Airport, a snap shot of Russian life seemed on display. Women, the age of middle aged mothers, all had a similar appearance.. Neat and clean but fully fed with rounded faces and bodies. They were not obese or looked like bowling balls as many Americans tourist do. The Russian women seem to just carry a lot of muscle on their bones (unlike younger, thinner Russian women).

The men, like the women, feature high cheek bones and a very slightly receding hairline. Men too reflect a life where few meals are missed. All were neatly dressed although absent designer labels.

Once in Russia proper, the average appearance changed. Most Russians are fit and vary as any place else in their dress. Moscow may not be the correct guide for all of the Russian Federation but to the extent it represents western Russians, the local citizens are fit and dressed well.

I have been told that most Russians drink and smoke too much, yet you could not tell this from pedestrian foot traffic. In the warmth of the day, T-shirts for men are quite normal. Women, on the other hand, dress with non-provocative, bland styles.  Russian women would be be mistaken French women, but never the less they were still ok.

The noticeable weight of the airplane women is no longer so noticeable. Men… hmmm,,, remain about the same. So what can you tell about appearances? Probably not much… stay tuned to Russia II.

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