McWho And Nothing

In 2008, Barack Obama won the US Presidency defeating Senator John McCain. For a while McCain seem to drift into the shadows giving way to other faces on the Sunday talk shows. Recent Iraq developments, however, have brought him back louder than ever.

What a break for the American public.

Refreshing ones memory, John McCain supported the Iraq invasion and occupation from the start. When things went haywire, McCain told us President Bush was right to invade but his Secretary of Defense had poorly executed the military operations.

When exhaustive search revealed there were no WMDs in Iraq, McCain still supported the invasion. “It was the right thing to do”.

McCain was full square behind the “surge”. “America cannot afford to lose this war”, he insisted. Later when the Iraqis would not agree to a status of forces agreement and President Obama confirmed the US would withdraw all combat forces, McCain went apoplectic. “Al Qaeda would follow us home to the US”, McCain warned.

It has been always troublesome to listen to these al Qaeda predictions. There was no al Qaeda in Iraq on Saddam Hussain’s watch. This radical insurgent group popped up once Hussain’s strangle hold on Iraq was lifted. Where had been McCain’s warnings about what might happen in Iraq once the Iraqi government was toppled?

Yesterday, both John McCain and Lindsay Graham waved warning flags about imminent strikes by ISIS on US soil. The sole cause was laid at President Obama’s decision to pull out US troops from Iraq (remember Iraq would not agree to a Status of Forces agreement). In other words, the President can not win (in McCain and Graham’s eyes) even though the President has authorized air strikes against ISIS.

One must accept the possibility that McCain really believes what he is saying. While he may hold some some glimmer that in a deadlocked GOP presidential convention, he might be the Ronald Reagan to emerge, it is more probable that he can’t help himself.

As for Graham, this is reelection time and any media exposure that projects his image as a national figure must help his candidacy. He too carries the burden of history which he must feel can only be overcome by doubling down.

Public opinion polls tell us that Americans are tired of war and see no direct value to our national interests. The blame game is unlikely to shift this view and slick reminders of 9/11 are becoming less effective everyday. The President rightly should ignore the protestation of the likes of McCain and Graham.

Reality, however, is fickle. Radicalized muslim elements may very well attempt another 9/11 type incident simply out of frustration.

Picking sides in the Middle East is fraught with danger and more resembles picking the lesser of two incompetent or two despotic options. Simply stated the Middle East is a mess which became clear following an unnecessary invasion and occupation.

When McCain and Graham begin their talk show gab sessions with that admission, then it will be time to listen.

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