Do You Hear Dick Cheney Calling?

The media is abuzz with what to do about ISIS. ISIS, ISIL, or just IS (Islamic State In Syria) has captured the media’s attention with a fresh, but not original marketing plan aimed at making the 5th and 6th century look attractive.

With ISIS, women know their place, and unless someone is a follower of ISIS strict Koran interpretation, that person is a subject for elimination. Does not sound like an attractive proposition to me. Hmmm.

Even more astounding, pundits are contrasting ISIS with al Qaeda and claiming ISIS is much worse. Hmmm.

The most recent ISIS stunt was the video beheading of an American journalist. Previously, ISIS had distinguished itself with wholesale religious or ethnic cleansing, slaughtering those who did not convert or did not leave quickly enough. Nice guys.

Now the President’s staff is hinting about using “feet on the ground” to stamp out this extreme brand of Islam. Apparently, a fair number of Muslims living in western countries (including the US) have been recruited by ISIS. Once trained, these jihadists, carrying western passports, could slip back into their home country. Once home, the “sky in falling” crowd worry that all hell will break out.

So the answer is to reoccupy parts of the Middle East? No way.

This is the time to think. Isn’t it the choice of Middle East residents to choose their own leaders? And what makes anyone think that an ISIS state could meet basic needs of its governed? Isn’t it more likely that if ISIS could gain control of a place like Syria, ISIS would need to morph into a less radical state.

The neoconservative crowd with their icon, Dick Cheney, are poised to shout encouragement for a US military return to the Middle East. The American public needs to remain calm and not give support, via their elected representatives, to a reoccupation.

The issue is not that ISIS represents the worst of mankind. Instead, the real issue is that the Middle East must sort out whether they wish to live in the 5th century or move into the 21st. At the heart of this is that Muslim men must forego the Koran interpreted “sexually privileged position” they are desperately trying to retain. This need to control women has rendered men easy prey for money seeking Mullahs who in turn will either lead militias, or cast their lot with others who look like they will be successful with the sword. This direction is a straight line to the 5th century.

The US has a right to slap about ISIS for action they do outside their home base.  We must also recognize that there will be some equally abhorrent group who will follow ISIS unless the basic Middle East muslim changes.

Islamic nations were once great leaders in math, science, and literature, and could be again. They simply cannot live as in the 5th century no matter how hard they try.

We also do not need to listen to the Dick Cheney’s who have never fought a war themselves but have been comfortable letting other people’s children do it

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