Short Term Memories?

Do you have the feeling you are reliving the George W Bush years? At least the part that deals with the “war on terror”?

This past week has witnessed some of the dumbest and patently out of touch with reality statements by senior Administration officials (as well as leading politicians) since the Bush hubris years.

In this swirl of bogus statements, the likes of John McCain and Lindsay Graham can relax and smile in the “I told you so” glow of misrepresented facts.

First we saw the “rebuilt” and “retrained” Iraqi Army collapse, drop their weapons, and run from advancing ISIS troops. The sky was falling. A new force had suddenly emerged and the Middle East was about to be conquered. Hmmm.

Then, ISIS released a video in which they cold bloodedly decapitate an American journalist. This was proof positive, we were told, that this new fighting force is a threat to the US mainland. Hmmm.

Does anyone remember al Qaeda? How about the Taliban and the equally ruthless murder of Daniel Pearl? Hmmm.

News reporters are asking questions like, “is the US prepared to invade Syria and attack ISIS at its roots”? And, “How are we going to protect our homeland when these trained, American passport carrying extremists come home”? What are people thinking?

There is no problem right now using air assets to attack any insurgent group in Syria. As evidence, the Administration let slip an attempt to free James Foley which involved overflight as well as a ground landing well within Syrian boarders.

With respect to recruited Americans, this is just a fact of life now. Americans who choose to become extremists can go to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and much of Africa as well as Syria if they wish to improve their terrorism skills.

Hot pursuit (chasing ISIS assets from Iraq into Syria) and targeted rescue missions seem both justified and within our current capabilities. Thinking about ramping up our deployed resources seems foolish as well as unnecessary.

With regards to extremists returning to the US, what is all these measures American travelers, like grandma and grandpa, must endure traveling in our airports about?  And with a gun in every home and on the hip of many Americans, I wonder what is the greater risk.

Americans must be vigilant during times like this. Vigilant, not just about crazies doing harm in America but the danger of over zealous public officials. Well meaning public officials are prone to brandish our swords without thinking where or when they are necessary.

The news media must stand tall and resist the urge to manufacture “the story”. Ask the hard questions of government officials like who are these ISIS people, where do they get their funding, and where are the leaders located?

If these American officials do not know, ask Mossad.

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