Truce – Maybe

Israel and Hamas have agreed to indefinite cessation of Gaza hostilities. Reports said the terms were exactly the same as was offered to Hamas initially by Egypt. Another way of looking at the first truce offer was about 200 innocent civilians ago.

There is no rational way to assign “good guy – bad guy” to this conflict. The bizarre Hamas behavior firing hundreds of rockets aimlessly into Israel and then sitting back and watching the vastly superior military equipped Israelis smash Gazan buildings killing so many innocent civilians defies explanation.

Probably all wars are pointless but this conflict must rate up near the top for insincerity. The explanation lies, most likely, in the layers of anti-Arab and anti-Semitic hatred, and seemingly endless devious negotiations which have taken place in the past between Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and Israel.

After all these years, there should be no one who thinks Israel will not exist in some form within (at least) the 1967 borders. There should just as certainly be no one who believes Israel can annex with impunity large blocks of the West Bank. The path to a just settlement is, unfortunately, only straight forward to someone not living there.

A lasting peace between the Palestinians and Israel cannot be brokered in Gaza. Until both parties seriously negotiate a two State solution and find acceptable borders and water rights, Gaza will be a killing zone waiting to happen.

Gaza will remain a useful surrogate for third parties (like Iran or other Arab States) to strike safely at Israel for their own self interests. Should Iran develop nuclear capability and should this spread to other Middle East countries, Israel (as well as all other Middle East countries) would be at risk.

In most complex problems, breaking them into smaller pieces is the first step. The next step is to eliminate each smaller problem until the complex situation is neutralized. A Palestinian peace is such an example.  

It is in Israel’s best interest to get on with a larger peace solution with its Palestinian neighbors. It is even more important to the militarily weak Palestinians to find a peace path or the 1200 dead gazans will appear insignificant compared to the hundreds of thousands that would die in any nuclear outbreak.

Great leaders would see this.

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