En Garde

The immigration reform situation just won’t go away. The Senate tried to pass legislation and failed on procedural grounds. The House flatly refused to even consider the measure. President Obama is now poised to issue “executive orders” which are intended to provide some measure of reform. Hmmm.

At the coarsest level, immigration reform, which should be labeled “Mexican Undocumented Resident” reform, is all about a pathway to citizenship and ultimately, for whom these Mexicans would likely vote. Hmmm

For the Sunday morning talk shows, we hear all sorts of other reasons to ignore immigration reform. From inadequate border security to overall fairness to terrorist sneaking into the country from Mexico to disgust over “cutting in line”, each politician has his/her own bent on why reform is unnecessary or untimely. Hmmm.

Opposition to immigration reform is owned by the GOP. National demographics or the 2012 Presidential election results have not seemed to jolt the GOP into the 21st century. And, 2014 does not seem to be the lucky year either.

Hispanic poster Senator Marco Rubio said this week that if the President acts without waiting for Congress, Republicans will join forces to defund the President’s initiatives. Sounds like another government shutdown. Hmmm.

Tape recordings secretly made of Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, reveal McConnell’s intentions to undue all of President Obama’s legislation if the GOP gains control of Congress this fall. What is he thinking? Hmmm.

In my opinion, there are far more prudent positions for GOP leaders to be taking. For sure there are parts of the Affordable Care Act that could be made better. Repealing ACA, however, does not play into that intention.

With respect to Immigration Reform, reality cannot hide the 12 million or so undocumented Mexicans already living in the US. Even more to the point, Mexicans are family oriented, hard working, and church going people. Just what the GOP likes to claim their supporters are. Common sense would suggest that over time, Mexican immigrants are prime candidates to become future Republicans.

The GOP appears, however, suicidal (at least with respect to national votes where gerrymandering is neutralized). They are prepared (they say) to charge the President and politically due him in.

President Obama, en garde.

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