The New Year

It is only September 2 and it feels like a new year is beginning. As one who just before going to bed closes the windows, locks the doors, and puts out the lights, yesterday there was a closure process and a mass exodus from the New Jersey shore.

Those who had been enjoying the sand, sun, and otherwise wonderful ocean weather, headed back to their towns and cities. This morning it just feels different.

For many, it is time for the kids to go back to school. Others it is work time following the last of vacation days. Still others dutifully sigh and simply follow the westward migration.

If it were not the calendar reminding us, we could fall back on the TV to tell us something was different. College football is back and there must have been 3 dozen games on TV last Saturday. There is a touch of familiarity since the sports broadcasting business has fashioned a cookie cutter approach for us. Along with what might be a terrific game, we hear from three to six other breathless, beauthiful announcers analyzing, critiquing, and unbelievably, telling us what we just saw.

And, if you watched, the entire television broadcasting crew have morphed into dead ringers for each other.

Baseball is still around but the season has reached that stage where your team is “in it”, or have reached the “wait until next year” stage.  The television broadcasting crews mysteriously also all look and alike.

Pro football kicks off this week too. For many, pro football is preferred to the “amateur” college variety. The NCAA will again do everything possible to amass as much money as possible, of course at the expense of the college athlete.

On the national scene, Congress will soon be back in session. Following a well deserved summer recess, our public servants will return to doing what they want and not what the citizens may need. Surprisingly, the national political gridlock paid big dividends with respect to the US economic recovery. With Congress hopelessly deadlocked, our legislators could not pass more spending bills nor could they throw a bone to the very rich by enacting tax reforms (read tax cuts). As such, the economy has slowly recovered and while not roaringly hot, compared to other industrialized countries is doing very well. So what does Congress have in store in this “new year”?

Hmmm. Some how it seems Congress did not get the memo about a new year.

The President also enjoyed the recuperative powers of a seaside vacation. Surely, that experience will recharge his batteries. I wonder what insightful new strategies or tactics he will implore on domestic and foreign issues? Will the US begin bombing the illusive ISIS? Will the US confront Russia in the Ukraine? Will the South China Seas see more US presence?

Hmmm. What? President Obama did not get the memo?

This is a mid-term election year. Voters will hear some of the most outrageous fabrication from their candidates. The stench of campaign financing which is now a 12 month activity will be all around but few will notice. Have you noticed that President Obama hardly ever travels to any place in the US to give any type of speech without also not attending a “fund raiser”?

This is the same for our elected Congress Members too. What’s wrong with this picture?

I suspect the Supreme Court members also vacationed this summer during their recess. I wonder whether the conservative majority took the opportunity to reflect upon their first amendment stands. Remember, corporations are people, the Constitution ensures people have free free speech, spending unlimited amounts of money supports free speech? Do you think there is a connection with campaign financing, time to legislate, freedom from undo influence, and protecting everyone’s free speech?

There is a melancholy feeling leaving the summer sea side and returning to the “real world”. While summer will surely come again, I am reassured that the “fall” new year will not be that different from the past.

Maybe the virtue in all this is assurance that the new year will most likely be predictable. Hmmm.

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