The Questions Not Asked

As the midterm elections approach, the prospects for Senate Democrats looks shaky at best. There are a variety of reasons that pundits are offering but President Obama seems to be everyone’s top choice. In an uncertain world when the top guy does not evoke a sense of command, its very difficult to cast your vote in support of his party.

Difficult but not impossible if voters took the time to think their choice through.

With control of both branches of Congress,

  • Do you think Republicans will again attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act? What would Republicans do with respect to restoring the right of insurance companies to cancel policy holders’ policies or to deny insurance to anyone due to a pre-existing condition? Do you think the GOP cares?
  • Do you think Republicans will require businesses to provide insurance coverage for their workers? And what will Republicans do if many companies decide to opt out of coverage? Will they leave it to the free market?
  • And what about Medicare Part D “donut hole”? Will Republicans restore the “donut hole” and expect senior citizens to pay for the difference?
  • Will a Republican controlled Congress pass tax reform which benefits the wealthiest Americans? Or, will Republicans opt just to pass tax cuts (which will benefit the wealthiest)? And in either case, where will Republicans find spending offsets?

These are questions not being asked. Each could have a thoughtful answer but the chances are that Republicans have none. If they do have answers, then there is still time to hear them.
Voters will do well to consider the consequences of a Republican Congress. With just the house, the GOP has voted to repeal ACA over 40 times and has passed spending plans which incorporate large tax cuts for the wealthiest. Hmmm.

Potentially an even greater pitfall would be the “consent” needed for Presidential nominations… like the possibility of a Supreme Court opening. With a GOP Senate, here comes another Alito.

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