Jeb’s Last Stand?

On a Sunday talk show yesterday, Jeb Bush’s son, George, said he thought his father was gearing up for a run for President in 2016. George said his father was still assessing the decision but in all probability would decide to run. Hmmm.

As the only potential moderate GOP candidate, Jeb represents a threat to the GOP kooky conservative right. Jeb is articulate and fluent in Spanish. What could the right object to? Maybe it is that Jeb is articulate and fluent in Spanish?

There are certainly other GOP potential candidates. Governor Rick Perry has Democrats quietly hoping he steps forward. Governor Chris Christie appears poised to enter the contest with his new svelte figure. Christie has already shown his bully side and will have a hard time winning over primary voters. Governor Scott Walker and former Governor Tim Pawlenty are standing ready but lack the big stage credentials. And there is Representative Paul Ryan who is not a kook but has tied himself to a very conservative budget which will provide Democrats with red meat. Hmmm.

In this context Jeb Bush looks reasonable.

Jeb’s path forward is not a bed of roses, however. He is George W’s brother and will have a tough road to justify “W’s” 8 years. Jeb, himself, has danced a little too close to the religious fringe (remember Karen Ann Quinlan?). Jeb projects the impression of parsing his words so as to be perfectly (and politically) correct. This does not strike the most authentic of images.

More than anything, Jeb needs to think seriously about being the third Bush to occupy the White House. Jeb might be eminently more qualified than “W”, but needs to find the capacity to be comfortable with that knowledge without trying to make the run.

If Jeb does declare, and if he is nominated, most likely he will run against Hillary Clinton. In such a circumstance, Jeb will be in the position to have to speak against women seeking high office. This gender position, IMO, is actually opposite to Jeb’s real views. I suspect this conflict will show through during the campaign… to Jeb’s detriment.

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