Senate Showdown

Tomorrow is voting day. Midterm Congressional election will be held across the Country. If history is any judge, relatively few Americans will show up at the polls. Hmmm.

Several reasons have been offered. For many districts, the only race involves the House of Representatives. In other districts, it might be just the House and maybe the State Governorship. And in a few, there might be the trifecta of all three. What there won’t be in any State is the President’s election. For that voters must wait another two years. For tomorrow, there will be a lot less voter interest, so why not stay home?

Another reason offered is that voters are disillusioned. What? How could that be?

After weeks of mind numbing TV ads which collectively offered less than 1% educational value, how can we blame voters for saying, “enough!” If the negative ads were not enough, Congress’ dismal performance could easily suppress any voter interest. Why vote for this clown or that one when which ever gets elected will renege on what ever he or she promised? Hmmm.

The center piece election this year is for the Senate. Polling results have indicated that Senate control could pass from Democrats to Republicans if current trends continue. A GOP controlled Senate coupled with a GOP controlled House would place the legislative branch in Republican control. Executive, Democrat, legislature, Republican. Sounds like gridlock or the highest form of safety depending upon ones view of Government.

If Republicans do gain control of Congress, it will be with a razor thin majority. Consequently it will be unlikely they could enact legislation which President Obama opposed. His veto should hold.

Republicans, however, might be tempted to pass legislation which they believe would be popular with their base. For example the Ryan budget, privatization of Social Security, tax cuts, increased military spending, reductions in welfare safety net spending, and the center piece, repeal of Obamacare. In many ways Democrats could not hope for something better. This type of legislative record (tried but vetoed) would set up a clear choice in 2016.

The main downside of a Republican controlled Senate would occur if there was a need to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice. The current ideological divide has produced some short sighted and dangerous decisions (corporations are people, unlimited spending is unlimited free speech). It should not be surprising if in the event of the need to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice, President Obama to be unable to get a vote on his choice.

But this is all speculation. Tomorrow will be the vote and the next day, the sun will rise just as it did today. Democrats have hardly distinguished themselves while in control of the Senate. How bad can it get?

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