Don’t Blame The Electorate

Today is election day. The mid-term Congressional elections are underway. Pundits are predicting a big Republican win. With a single digit national approval rating, the GOP, never the less, is poised to take control of Congress. How can that be?

One simple reason is that Democrats have given voters no comprehensive reason to vote for them.

Another reason is that Republicans have stopped shooting themselves in their foot.

Most people can hold one issue, and sometimes maybe two, in front of them. With the thanks of the Supreme Court, conservative candidates have dumped buckets of money into divisive issues blaming Democrats for everything but tooth decay. And, Democrats once again have chosen to hunker down and try to sneak through one more election. That Democrat choice will turn out to be both cowardly and shortsighted.

Running from President Obama has denied Democratic candidates with the opportunity to paint a different picture.

  • Why should voters wish to return to a healthcare system in which they can be denied or priced out of healthcare coverage?
  • Why should voters wish to follow a foreign policy where American young men and women are sent off to wars of choice?
  • Why should voters wish to return to policies which lead to massive unemployment and huge deficits?
  • And what’s wrong with Democrats affirming the need to document all workers?
  • What is so strange about Democrats seeking tax reform closing loop holes for the wealthy while at the same time seeking alignment of Union wages and benefits with those of like non-union industry?
  • What is wrong with Democrats offering plans to increase taxes (like to fix crumbling roads and bridges), reducing spending (eliminating unneeded programs), and providing more efficient government services?
  • And what greater promise could Democrats make then to unequivocally assert a clear separation of Church and State and that religious freedom does not include the right to prevent others from living their life freely.

Well, I’m sure it will be a cold day in July before any politician takes on this last proposition. It would, however, put the rest of the issues back on a scientific or fact based basis. Too bad.

The electorate can be rightfully criticized for a lot of things. Mob rule didn’t get its bad name for no reason at all. The electorate, however in its own way, appears ready to send Democrats a clear message. I wonder whether anyone will be listening?

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