Pelosi, Reid – Time For Change?

The dust has settled on the Washington playground providing Democrats a moment to catch their breathes. Come January there will be a new Congress with both houses in GOP control. Nancy Pelosi could again be minority leader in the House while Harry Reid would have to relinquish his gavel and become, maybe, the minority leader. Is it time for changes?

The public image that both Pelosi and Reid have developed would argue Democrats, eyeing 2016, would be well advised to put new faces on the Congressional leaders. The flip side of that coin is whether in the rough and tumble world of Congressional politics there are two more qualified leaders. Hmmm.

Another point to keep in mind is that the Democrat loss in this past election is hard to lay at Pelosi and Reid’s feet. President Obama was the target most Republicans used to run against. Never the less, it might be time for a change.

Nancy Pelosi has provided both a seniority and a gender role model. Her hard, somewhat cosmetically touched up features do not project that well visually and her voice is equally distracting.

Harry Reid has battled hard for President Obama and shielded the President from endless vetoes. A former boxer, Reid just does not project the warm and friendly image Democrats may need.

So why change?

Voters have shown that past performance is no indication of future results. Voters increased GOP numbers in both houses after the GOP shut down the Government and said no to every piece of legislation. Bad behavior made little difference. If Democrats stay with the same leadership, why should they expect a different outcome in 2016.

Pragmatically, Congress lacks sufficient votes to over turn a Presidential veto, so why should Democrats worry about new leadership.

The upside with new leadership, since Democrats will be in the minority, is that they can espouse all sorts of policies and not have to worry about whether they would work. The GOP is not going to adopt any Democrat proposal. In other words, Democrats should be prepared to take a page out of the GOP playbook (with one important change).

Democrats should be for immigration reform, job creation, a stronger economy, and a foreign policy that brings security to the US. They should advocate for these policies with a charming and television friendly set of faces. They should leave the “just say no” to GOP legislation to the President’s veto. Hmmm.

There is, of course, so much more we could (should) ask of our Congressional leaders. With the amount of money fueling the race for office, it will be very difficult for either party to conduct sensible leadership.

For 2016, winning the White House again and potential regaining control of the Senate is probably the best Democrats can hope for. With Reid and Pelosi, that is less likely an outcome.

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