UVA – A Crime Scene Without A Crime?

The Rolling Stone Magazine has retracted a story it published which painted the University of Virginia as soft on rape. The magazine had printed a story which alleged a “gang rape” of a student and failure of the University to seriously investigate. This lack of pursuit was prima facia evidence the University did not care about women. Hmmm.

Gang rape as well as any intercourse without consent are or should be crimes. The questions at hand is what constitutes consent and was it given? Women’s groups are active in campaigning across the country to increase zero tolerance and criminal prosecution. Unfortunately for these advocates, the allegations about the UVA fraternity house contained in the article could not be corroborated. So was this a crime without a crime scene? Hmmm.

The veracity or lack there of contained in the Rolling Stone article while academically interesting is beside the point. The publication of the article was enough to convince too many Americans that UVA was a cesspool of debauchery. One was lead to think the UVA administration was complicit and the student body were on the path to criminal lives. Hmmm.

Where was do process?

Simple probability would suggest there had been rapes and even possibly gang rapes at UVA or other universities. Probabilities would also suggest that consent is not always clearly given in many other cases, and authorities are not always excited about investigating college party events. Lastly, probabilities would also suggest that consensual relations out number forced intercourse thousand to one (no idea if this ratio is accurate, it could be low).

The country finds itself in a place where it should be no longer necessary to trick or force a women into engaging in sex. The problem is how do those seeking sex learn to focus only on those who also are willing?

Two well known sayings “the difference between rape and seduction is just how one asks” and “will you love me in the morning” have been true for centuries.  Pursuit of the opposite sex will continue to contain the change of “he said, she said”.  Assault and battery ought, however, be straight forward on how to remove from every day life.

Whether the Rolling Stones article is a complete fabrication or just inaccurate in certain details does not change the probability that non-consensual sex has taken place at UVA.

Maybe it does take a sensational albeit inaccurate article like the one in Rolling Stone to raise awareness enough at UVA or any other institution. The public, if it wishes to also advocate for change, needs to realize that with alcohol and hormones it is not always clear cut what is “yes” and what is “no”.

It will be interesting to see what the University of Virginia does now that the Rolling Stone charge has been withdrawn.

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