2014 – What Type Of A Year?

If you are reading this post, 2014 must have been minimally an ok year for you. 2014 might not have been the happiest, the most fruitful, the healthiest, or yielded the most financial rewards, but having made it through another 12 months represents an accomplishment… and positions you for what hopefully is a better 2015 Hmmm.

Don’t agree?

Think about the Gazans and the bombardment they received from the Israelis thanks to death wish foreign policy their Hamas leaders followed. Or, how about all the Syrians who thought they could reject the Basher al Assad regime and smell the roses. And you can’t overlook the hundreds of Afghans killed by coalition collateral damage or the 140+ Pakistani school students who were slaughtered by the Taliban.

Let’s not forget the unfortunate aboard Malaysian Air flights 370 and 17 and AsiaAir QZ 8501 (not to mention their relatives left behind). Not to be overlooked also are the hundreds of unlucky Koreans aboard the Ferry Sewol who perished when it sank. And speaking of bad breaks, how about the hundreds who perished from Ebola in Africa.

Putting these numbers in perspective, however, as bad as they appear, they do not compare to the deaths produced in our Civil War or World War I or II. (Damning with faint praise, I guess). The plague must have been a trip and influenza kills without fanfare more each year anyways.

So to be still standing at year end is noteworthy but in a world of 7 billion people the odds sort of predict a successful outcome.

So why do these tragic outcomes seem so readily apparent?

I suppose it is all about what we read and see. “Dog bites man” is just not as memorable as “Man bites Dog”. “An elderly man passes away following short illness” similarly is not as noteworthy as “ISIS beheads American on internet video”.

Life is a natural game. There are risks to life all around. So far, however, the sun has risen each day and consequently imbues each of us with a confidence that “today is going to be great (or at least better than yesterday)”.

Any logical reflection upon the actual odds of life confirms this optimism. And strangely, when one utters words of optimism these words seem contagious. Sun and optimism bring smiles and feelings of greater confidence and good will.

My prediction is 2015 will be a great year, even better than 2014.

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