The Year Ahead – Bush vs Clinton?

If I hear one more time that Jeb Bush is considering running for President, I will puke. Of course Jeb is going to run (short of a stroke or other disabling disease). Jeb has been running for the last 4 years and isn’t going to stop now. Will he become the Republican standard bearer, hmmm, it is too soon to know.

With Hillary Clinton, it is much easier to predict her fate. She has been and will continue to run for the Presidency and will easily win the Democrat Presidential nomination. Unlike Jeb Bush’s situation, Hillary is already well known and is running in a field of nobodies. So one half the 2016 match up is set, the Republican half still has some uncertainty.

The Republican task of picking a standard bearer will tell much about the actual election. If the GOP repeats 2012 where perfectly good people felt it necessary to bow to the basest religious and racial conservative views on the path to winning the nomination, the GOP outlook will be dim again.

With Mitt Romney’s nomination, he found that while the American people can be fooled some of the time, it is not possible to fool them all of the time. Romney’s attempt to move back to the center were simply not believed. Barack Obama won his second term even though Americans had reasons to vote Republican.

GOP rhetoric has been and continues to be on the wrong side of so many policies, and most likely history will not be kind. While all these GOP positions are fixable, the GOP nomination process does not give much hope that the GOP will fix the broken ones and keep the already worthwhile ideas.

Hillary, on the other hand, will speak to progressive causes but her feet are firmly cemented in the center. Ironically, in comparison to a GOP which appears to be steadily moving to the right, Hillary will appear, in comparison, a shining liberal. She is anything but that.

Unless Mitt Romney allows his name to be put into play, Jeb Bush should be the overwhelming choice of moderate Republicans and clearly the tallest in a field of pigmies. He will sound the sanest of the group of potential candidates. Speaking fluent Spanish should not be a handicap but he will need to be careful about wearing his religion on his sleeve. Losing the women’s and the gay vote is right there for someone who wants to attract the conservative Catholic or Bible thumpers vote.

Pundits say that the official declarations by Hillary and Jeb will have to wait until early second quarter due to fund raising considerations. So get prepared for a lot of “will he” or “will she” run rhetoric. And if we are not worn out by April, just imagine there will be there will still be over a year and a half before the actual 2016 election.

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