Jeb and Mitt

Former Governors and potential GOP Presidential candidates, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney met two days ago in a private meeting. Pundits speculated that the meeting’s purpose was discuss how both could run for the GOP nomination and not destroy the moderate Republican wing and giving more help to of the far more conservative Republican base. Hmmm.

The conservative GOP base seems to have something for everyone. Less government regulations draws big money’s support. Lower taxes is everyone’s favorite even though most Republicans don’t realize who gains the most in across the board tax cuts. For some crazy reason, “REPEALING and replacing” the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) gets the GOP crowd to the edge of their chairs. But best of all are the “gifts” for the anti-immigration faction or the bible thumpers who seek deportation and anti-abortion (or any other infringement on women’s comprehensive healthcare) measures.

The Jeb and Mitt talks might ordinarily seems pointless since “moderate” and “GOP” seem incompatible. The wisdom of not fighting within the GOP seems obvious since there is a path to the White House for a sane GOP.  The GOP House, has not seen this wisdom yet.  The House introduced a draconian anti-abortion bill (instead of other governance bill) which would have prevented women from using their own money to buy comprehensive health care insurance, if that insurance included abortion coverage. Luckily House Republican women stepped forward and said no way with out votes.

The cold political calculation suggests that a moderate, divisive issue free campaign is the best if not the only path to the White House for the GOP.  Clearly Mitt and Jeb recognize that.  I just wonder whether American voters are looking and listening.

The question they should be asking is “what would this Party try to pass if they also occupy the White House”?

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