Mitt Romney’s New Vision

The Mitt Romney remake (I’m interested in the poor) did not go as far as he might have wished. Today, Mitt declared he would not seek the GOP nomination. Mitt said this would open a path for those less well known and just as inexperienced to seek the nomination. Hmmm.

I suspect Mitt’s new vision involves a stalemated convention and that the GOP would turn to the elder statesman for their tie breaking choice. Maybe… a stalemate is certainly Mitts best option at this time. Jeb Bush appears to be the moderate’s choice (as measured where the money is going) and Mitt can only hope for a tie later on.

Jeb Bush will certainly be a formidable nominee in any general election. He’s articulate, serious, and an experienced executive. A far better choice than his brother. The question remains will Jeb get tied up in a pretzel, like Romney did, just to get the nomination and then lose the general?

There is enough latent distrust for Hillary that cobbling together a majority in the general election may be easier for a GOP candidate than gaining the nomination.   The Republican “base” will demand positions not compatible with a majority of American voters.  End of story.

Hillary is wisely keeping her powder dry and will wait until she has a better idea of who exactly is running and what positions have this candidate been saddled with.

Mitt’s decision to wait until there is a stalemated convention runs another risk. Candidates like Hucklebee, Cruz, Paul, Santorum, or Graham pose no challenge for Hillary. She would welcome the nomination of any of them.

Hillary’s nightmare might be someone like Ohio Governor Kasich who appears to have common sense and executive experience. Kasich, however, would have to get by Bush and big money would not like that. Hmmm.

I wonder whether Mitt’s new vision foresees all that?

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