Hill, Hill, Hillary

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for President of the United States on Sunday. Pundits gave a audible sigh of relief (they would now have something to talk about). Women’s groups shouted “hurray”! (maybe this time a woman President).  Republican strategists clapped for joy. (at last someone to run against). There was something in her 2 minute, 28 second announcement for everyone. Hmmm.

The Press almost seemed unprepared for the announcement. They critiqued her video and contrasted her low key approach to Iowa and her last unsuccessful campaign. But the press simply could not be satisfied and kept asking the questions of what does a Clinton campaign have as its goals and what programs does it think will achieve these goals?

There is close to no chance Hillary will answer this line of questions anytime soon (if at all). There are two practical reasons for this.

  • First, each of the GOP candidates will soon concoct there own anti-Hillary points. With no statements sitting out in the real world, GOP candidates run the risk of making claims that Hillary can later easily debunk.
  • Second, Hillary is well aware that she is unlikely to have a Democrat controlled Congress. She is wise enough to know her path with Congress will look much more like President Obama’s and getting legislative support is a low probability happening. Why make promises you are most likely will be unable to keep.

Hillary supporters know where she will stand on the Affordable Care Act, on preserving Medicare and Medicaid, on appointments to the Supreme Court, and on Women’s and Gay rights. It is not necessary for Hillary to make statements that she will not dismantle these policies or follow GOP practices.

Hillary needs to remain patient. If history repeats GOP candidates will box themselves into untenable positions on global warming, women’s rights, immigration, and fixing the deficit at the expense of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Hillary will only need to say “I won’t destroy those programs or policies”.

Never the less, the 2016 campaign will be close since the country is so evenly divided. A young GOP candidate, running on a moderate platform could have a solid chance of defeating Hillary. Enough Americans might just want to try someone knew.

The problems is simply “who might that be” and “how could such a candidate win the GOP primaries”?

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