When Little People Become Congress Members

Congress is often strange place. One branch was design to represent the people based upon population distribution. The other branch was also designed to represent people but on a State size geography basis. One branch responds to short term and very local needs, while the other considers strategic and longer term national needs. The House and the Senate, however, have drifted in purpose and are now much closer in apparent purpose.  One thing in common is “reelection” has become the issue they are most concerned about. Partisanship has emerged as Congress’  way of life.

In this process, especially during President Obama’s tenure, some laughable consequences have arisen. Congress on one hand raised the deficit as the most compelling issue facing the country. Congress took their perspective so far as to shut down the entire government operation by not passing some form of spending authorization. While the deficit is certainly an important issue, the urgency to fix it has been shown to have been way overblown by Congress.

At the same time Congress was talking deficit reduction, Congress also was voting for more defense spending and for maintaining Guantanamo (both with no new taxes). Aside from the moral and ethical reasons to close Guantanamo, the yearly cost of the facility has risen. If deficits were so important, transferring Guantanamo detainees to open space within existing US super-max prisons would demonstrate a serious commitment to balancing the budget. Instead Congress voted to withhold any funds for the transfer of prisoners. Hmmm.

Now the House has voted to deny any funds for the Administration to defend itself against a suit from 22 States over President Obama’s executive order on immigration. This displays a serious lack of civics and American history understanding, or possible just a wanton disregard for American principles. Do these Congress members not know the country provides counsel to anyone who cannot afford it?

In many respects the GOP objection to the Administrations steps towards immigration reform are well based. Laws are the prerogative of Congress. But what happens when Congress fails to act itself on immigration, or does not authorize enough money to enforce the laws it has already passed?

Little people will miss this point and can be expected to have problems when the Administration says “ok, we will enforce these laws and regulations and not those because we lack sufficient funds to do both”.

The proposed law to restrict the Administration’s legal defense funding will remain a House event as it will not make it through the Senate. Little people like to waste time too.

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