Obama”s Legacy

The next few months are key to President Obama’s legacy a Philadelphia newspaper’s headlines read. Hmmm. What are they smoking?

The article, a Washington Post dispatch, pointed to three issues, (1) fast track authority on Pacific Ocean trade, (2) the pending Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, and (3) the nuclear weapons negotiations with Iran. Each of these issue the Post contends could have a lasting impact upon President Obama’s legacy. Hmmm.

  • History is far more likely to remember that President Obama warned the Country that China and Southeast Asia (including India) were far more important to the US than the Middle East. Whether the President gets fast track authority is not his decision, it is the call of the House of Representatives.
  • History will be unable to ignore that ACA allowed far more Americans to gain healthcare insurance than any previous plan or any plan so far proposed by the GOP. Should the Supreme Court strike down subsidies for residents of States that have not set up exchanges, and should that in turn lead to a dismantling of ACA, the GOP will more likely become permanently identified with the wrong side of history while President Obama will be seen as ahead of his time.
  • The Iran nuclear negotiations are the most problematic. Negotiating with the Iranians versus all other options (like going to war) will, in time, emerge as a strong point in President Obama’s legacy. The actual negotiations or the final agreement may be criticized but the decision to negotiate will be seen as a positive.

It is peculiar why there is so much attention being given to President Obama’s legacy. Former President Bush didn’t get much correct during his term but his view that history would be the judge of his years in office was spot on. Similarly, time will integrate all other aspects of President Obama’s 8 years and from that, a consensus of his legacy will emerge. Being on the right side of history, however, is a great way to begin.

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