Jeb’s Achilles Heel

The New York Times reported today that Jeb Bush, in an address to a gathering of religious conservatives, that regardless of the Supreme Court’s decision on same sex marriage, he would champion the continuation of public debate. He would advocate for protecting the religious right of those who endorse “traditional marriage”. Hmmm.

While many Republican groups have found fault in Jeb’s positions on immigration and education, for example, Bush has seemed to be on the right side of history on these subjects, not to mention on the side of thoughtfulness and reasonableness. His comments on same sex marriage, on the other hand, send a clear chilling message. Remember, this is the same person who wanted to intercede in the Terri Schiavo family situation championing his religious views over court decisions. Hmmm, church and state?

Jeb Bush comes across as a thoughtful and reasoned person. He has a quiet but direct delivery and appears to be quite comfortable in his own skin. On most subjects, Bush appears centrist even though he hardly misses an opportunity to remind everyone that he is deeply conservative. Up to now I have wondered, if not Hillary, then is Bush the better choice among the GOP hopefuls?

If one assume a GOP win in November 2016, the new President will enjoy a GOP controlled Congress too. So pushing though assaults on entitlements and ushering in a new wave of tax cuts should be taken as a given. The question is which GOP hopeful would steer the ship of state on the wisest course? Barring Bush’s religion tendencies, I would have picked him.
I am well aware that all candidates kiss babies and carry heavy Bibles. For many these acts are all show. For Bush, I fear they are real. And, we all should be worried.

It is of course a matter of conscience how Jeb deals with gay rights. What should be worrisome for all Americans is whether Jeb thinks his other religious views should be imposed upon everyone else too. Same sex marriages takes nothing from traditional couples and compels no one to follow in their footsteps.   Hmmm.

What other religious (Catholic) dogma does Jeb hold strongly and will get intertwined with his executive actions should he become President?

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2 Comments on “Jeb’s Achilles Heel”

  1. dfxc Says:

    The issue isn’t his (professed) Catholicism, it’s his latent Protestantism [and/or corporatism]. Were his political positions genuinely informed by strict adherence to Catholic doctrine his platform would support wage and tax policies intent on reducing income inequality, mandated improvements in family-leave/maternity policies, the return of pensions and improvement of Social Security, support for unions and collective bargaining rights, and a single-payer universal healthcare system, among others. He would also be able (though neither required nor *necessarily* inclined) to take the position that a secular state should not, and properly *cannot*, administer a sacrament–of which marriage is one–and, thus, take the marriage debate off the table by establishing a policy whereby the federal government authorizes and enforces *only* ‘civil union contracts’, equally, for all persons subject to civil contract law. This would also entail stripping all religious institutions of state power over such contracts but, if we’re being consistent, they shouldn’t have it anyway. Further, such action would have a pastoral benefit so wide and varied that, given his expressed concerns on this front, the current Pope might even go so far as to endorse such a policy.
    So, if you my suggestion here holds any water at all, maybe the concern shouldn’t be whether Jeb! is too Catholic but, rather, whether he’s Catholic enough…

    • dfxc, thank you for this thoughtful and insightful comment… Personally I subscribe to the first rule of religion, believe what you wish but don’t inflict your beliefs on me… You raise the question of consistency, sort of picking and choosing which religious dogmas to incorporate into ones secular views. I like your analysis (and also believe civil unions across the board is the best answer). Thanks very much.

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