Obama Wins Over ACA?

Today’s headlines tout the victory President Obama received when the Supreme Court voted 6-3 to strike cdown a challenge to the Affordable Care Act. Chief Justice John Roberts was singled out as guiding the conservative Court’s direction thereby aiding the President. Hmmm.

The Affordable Care Act is fast becoming an enormously misunderstood piece of legislation. ACA is not the best healthcare delivery system in the world.  Rather it is simply a fairer version of the US system.

The most generous praise that can be given is that ACA increased the number of Americans covered without completely altering the underlying healthcare delivery system.

This praise, however, must be measured by what Obamacare is not.  ACA does not insure all Americans. Just as disheartening, ACA costs far more than other world class healthcare systems, costing twice as much and delivering no better (and often inferior) health outcomes.

So has the GOP been right all along?

Nope.   ACA is none of the things the GOP has predicted or wined about since ACA became law. There have been no wholesale job losses (jobs killer?) due to ACA and employers still find it a plus to offer healthcare. And the annual increase in healthcare costs seems immune to whether healthcare is provided under ACA or any other plan. Hmmm.

The most recent attack on ACA is particularly shameful. Had the Supreme Court decided along the lines of Justices Thomas, Allito and Scalia thinking, the ACA would have lost as many as 8 million Americans who could not afford insurance without a subsidy.  the remaining ACA provisions would have most likely begun unraveling from the consequences of an insured pool without sufficient numbers of healthy people.

Why won’t opponents of ACA spend their time working how the US can adopt healthcare delivery like so many other countries?

Ironically, it may be the fear of ACA eventually evolving to a system like those found in Germany, France, or another two dozen countries that keeps Congress from really reforming healthcare.  It’s about money.  The medical community and its “fox-like friends” in the insurance business have a lot to lose were the US to move towards a European model.  And, you guessed it, if the US healthcare industry were to generate less profits, there would be less to pay lobbyists and in turn Congress members.

In a small way, one can truthfully say President Obama “won” with the Supreme Court decision. Six to eight million Americans, however, won too. It is only when one sees how big the glass of opportunity really is that one gets disillusioned about the nature of this win.

America can do better.

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