Where’s Bernie Going?

Bernie Sanders is raising a lot of money and attracting large crowds in his pursuit of the Democrat Presidential nomination. Against overwhelming odds (Hillary Clinton), Sanders is gaining traction, as they say. His progressive, near socialist message is falling upon hungry ears. One wonders where Bernie thinks his campaign is going?

Sanders is genuine, none the less. He is the antithesis of most of the GOP candidates who pander to the far conservative right but fully plan to tack back towards the center in the national election. Sanders also is not rich. He released his tax returns and revealed an annual income of about $200,000. Want someone not beholding? Bernie is a good choice.

His attack on the banking system is fervent and responds to what Sanders sees as a devil’s den. While this may be a little extreme, the banking industry has provided a wealth of examples of rock bottom ethics and greed based morality. Still Sander’s antidote might kill the patient too.

In many ways it is refreshing to see a campaigner like Sanders. He will certainly make Lincoln Chaffee, Matin O’Malley, and now Jim Webb look a lot more like Hillary, just a lot less well known.

Sander’s bottom line is that the wealthy in cahoots with the global banking system work together to keep the average person from improving their lot in life. Without breaking up the “too big to fail” banks, Sanders predicts America’s middle class will fail. Hmmm.

Normally a front runner attempts to incorporate campaign points from a challenger in order to cement their position as leader. Clearly Hillary is far more centrist and would attempt other means to remedy the “too big too fail” problem. But what if Bernie continues to attract big crowds and does well in the early primaries?

Hillary Clinton is probably not worrying yet. The Supreme Court gave her two boosts last week with decisions on the Affordable Care Act and Same sex marriages. The boost came in the form of GOP candidates comments on these decisions. No GOP candidate said the Court got it right. Rather these Republicans all said the Court got it wrong. The wiser candidates said it was time to move on, the rest drove further to the right.

In a right versus left comparison, Hillary’s centrist position will emerge far more appealing. From Hillary’s perspective, hopefully Bernie does not drive too much further to the left so she is forced to adopt more radical progressive positions she will have to disavow in the national election.

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