Hillary, Bernie, and The GOP’s Worst Nightmare

Bernie Sanders is drawing large and enthusiastic crowds, and attracting generous campaign donations. Problems for Hillary Clinton? Maybe, but most likely a greater problem for the GOP.

Sanders strength seems tied to his populous themes, income inequality and how big business and big banks are linked to the loss of the American Dream. The response to Sanders and his message has surprised most pundits as it unleashes the energy of millennials. So why isn’t this a problem for Hillary?

In political contests, of course, anything is possible. Hillary could become over confident or arrogant and ruin her appeal to most Democrat voters. Iowa, New Hampshire, and Maine, however, do not represents the heart of the Democrat Party.  Mainstream Democrats, while sympathetic to Sanders’ message would still see Hillary as more qualified to become President, Accordantly, Clinton would seem still the overwhelming favorite to gain the Democrat nomination.

So where do the nightmares come in?

Sanders is speaking to a core issue for many Americans for which no GOP candidate has offered a believable answer. Sanders’ supporters will not jump to a GOP candidate should Sanders inevitably lose out to Hillary. While there might be the tendency for Bernie’s helpers to stay home on election day and avoid support for Hillary, the Paul Ryan budget which more or less all GOP candidates salute, will stand in such stark contrast to Sanders’ message that his supporters will hold their nose and vote for Hillary.

When Sanders first announced his candidacy, the GOP hopefuls thought what a blessing to have him nipping at Hilary’s heels. They will soon be waking up to the prospect that Bernie Sanders is their worst nightmare.

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