Religious Tolerance?

A suburban Philadelphia private parochial school is making news. The school, located in the wealthy Marion neighborhood, dismissed (fired) their popular (from students and parents perspective) director of religious studies. No specific reason was given since the school does not comment on personnel matters. Hmmm.

Margie Winters, an employee at the Waldron Mercy Academy since 2007, was notified in late June of her dismissal. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia said it had no involvement. I wonder why they felt the need to comment?

Oh yes, Margie and her wife are in a same sex marriage.

In a time when the law of the land approves same sex marriages, this particular religious school seems to think it is better to follow older and more conservative rules. The school must feel students should understand that it is ok to discriminate and treat some others as if they are second class humans for “religious” reasons, even though the nation (just recently) has decided not to discriminate. Christian charity? Hmmm.

Waldron Mercy may not be over this “forced error”. While the Academy is a private institution and has broad justification to claim it was just following Catholic teachings, they have also been more than willing to accept State financial aid. With the acceptance of State aid, Waldron Mercy falls under the State anti-discrimination laws. Hmmm.

Think about it, someone can be qualified to be a director of religious education but those qualification cease upon open knowledge of a same sex marriage. Hmmm.

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