What Trump Is Teaching Americans

The GOP heavy weights are beside themselves with Donald Trumps high poll numbers. No only is the Donald not their pick for the GOP nomination, he is on a path to put many holes in the Republican ship… below the waterline. Hmmm.

Political pundits are writing much about his run for the GOP prize. Most everyone is sure Trump has no chance and that his extreme views are likely to hurt the Republican cause. And if the polls hold, the Donald will be one of the top ten candidates when the first televised “GOP debate” comes along, ahead of other far more credible candidates like Chris Christie, John Kasich, Bobby Jindal, and George Pataki. Hmmm.

Trumps’s apparent success has been attributed to pandering to minority groups. Hmmm, tell me something all the GOP candidates have not tried to do. Other observers have postured that Trump is a celebrity and therefore Americans are attracted to him regardless of his public statements. Neither seem sufficient to explain his reception given his divisive statements.

A more likely explanation for Trump’s success is that he is saying exactly what the other candidates want to say to the early primary voters (who tend to be extreme in their views)but are afraid to. In addition, Republican voters believe Trumps means what he is saying while they view the words of the other candidate as typical politician words (I mean this today, I mean that tomorrow). Polls have long indicated the broad disillusionment voters have with elected officials. Trust is a quality in short supply.

So, to the question, what is Trump teaching Americans, my guess is his candidacy will be just a blur in a few months. Since voters have become resistant to requiring candidates to offer complete and logical explanations for their public positions, a spark of truth (maybe only anidotal at that) will for a moment or two, especially if it appeals to ones preconceived ideas, carry the day.

Donald Trump is on a path to become the Herman Cain or Rick Perry or Michelle Bachman of 2016.  Long live the Donald.

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