Christie – Chutzpah or Gall

All’s fair in love and war. Hmmm. So goes the old saying. One wonders whether Governor Chris Christie’s desperate efforts to make the cut for the first GOP televised debate was the inspiration of this phrase, or whether he was inspired himself by these well known words?

Christie’s problem is actually quite simple. In a field of 16 candidates, how can the Governor gain the name recognition necessary to garner a top 10 rating. With Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio already sucking most of the oxygen from the room, the remaining field all appear lackluster and undifferentiated. Why Christie and not Kasich or Santorum or Carson or etc?

Christie has elected to show us his “chutzpah” (or was it his gall). He has launched an ad in Iowa calling President Obama a liar. Hmmm. The lie, Christie says relates to how the President described the nuclear deal with Iran. Hmmm.

The bad taste Christie has displayed is jaw dropping. President Obama is, of course, President and even if someone disagrees strongly with the President’s actions, there are civil ways to express those feeling without debasing the office. For those who disagree with everything the President does or says, Christie’s words flow like honey.

Ironically Christie has some baggage of his own. He embraced the President after super storm Sandy racked the New Jersey coast. President Obama and Federal aid could not come in big enough quantities. Governor Christie was effusive over the President’s help. Oh yes, earlier in Christie’s term the Governor withdrew New Jersey’s support for a new rail tunnel to New York City. Christie said the tunnel was too expensive and wasn’t needed. Here’s another, The Governor also made a deal with the Democrat controlled legislature over fixing the Pension Fund deficit. I wonder how these decisions have turned out?

Three years after Hurricane Sandy, many communities have still not recovered. Federal money has been spent for all sorts of other pet projects while many residents who suffered Sandy losses wait. Hmmm.

The Northeast rail corridor which runs from Washington to Boston is creaking. Delays getting into and out of New York City have become routine events. Oh, it would be nice to have a new tunnel. Christie’s decision, however, has pushed this project back and when inevitably it is restarted, the price tag will be much larger for tax payers… the bill, however, will also come due on someone else’s shift.

Like many States, New Jersey has underfunded its State employees pension. Hmmm. Christie struck a deal with the legislature which involved changes to future obligations in exchange for Governors promise to make specific yearly contributions. This year when the bill came due, Christie reneged on his promise and short changed the State pension payment. Hmmm.

Christie is not alone in his Iran nuclear arms deal opposition. Being for a better deal is the popular view of most GOP Congressional members. And that was Christie’s problem. How could he campaign on “me too”?

It just seems a bit short sighted on Christie’s part. New Jersey residents have no problem confusing “Honest Abe Lincoln” with their Chris Christie. My guess is soon so will the entire country and they will see most of the GOP Presidential hopefuls in the same light.

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