Why John Kasich?

The GOP Presidential nomination jamboree is underway and several salient points have been written in the sky. The GOP still seems to favor only the rich, is still carrying the albatross of out of dates economics, a bankrupt social agenda, and numerous gender bags, and above all, Republicans still want their cake and eat it too.

Of course, this statement does not apply to all Republicans. It applies, however, to most of the current 16 declared candidates given their stated positions.

With so many candidates, the media becomes a necessary evil if one wants to vet this crowd. The media brings its own bias and filters the candidate’s words from their perspective.  So we must be cautious.

Most of the candidates would prefer to keep their heads low, wear some nice clothes, and appear Presidential. Policy statements most candidates believe can only hurt them in the primary if they speak to the general election audience. Reality is, however, one cannot run for President unless one wins the Republican primary.  As a result, candidates make choices and we hear some unbelievable things.

Marco Rubio who in most respects looks like a fresh new face teaming with boundless energy. He should appeal to a large demographic on that basis alone. Rubio, however, thinks (correction, believes strongly) that pregnancy, even by rape or incest, needs to be seen through to birth. In Rubio’s eyes, no women has a right to end a pregnancy for any reason. In other words, there is one set of rules for men and one for women. Hmmm.

With as many as 70% of Americans disagreeing with Rubio’s extreme views, a President Rubio is not likely to get to act upon these beliefs. Congress won’t pass such a law and the Courts wouldn’t find it Constitutional either. So maybe he thinks he is on safe ground? Who knows?  Voters will wonder about what other issues Congress may pass that a President Rubio’s religious beliefs might favor?

Jeb Bush has resisted saying quite as “belief based” statements but our memories can recall Terri Shiavo and her death bed intervention by Bush from his Governor’s residence.

Scott Walker has been equally uncommittal. In the past, Walker has had trouble answer questions like how old the earth really is (5000 years is not the correct answer).

So along comes Donald Trump and now not only do the candidates have to worry about the snooping media, they have a bull in the china shop amongst them. Trump has cleverly used explosive issues and controversial statements to separate himself from the pack. In some polls, Trump has a two digit lead over his next rival. Hmmm.

While most pundits saw Ronald Reagan as too old and unskilled to become President, the public did not. Trump’s unvarnished approach and oozing confidence are standing clearly out as attractive when Republican voters look at their options. The GOP establishment on the other hand want nothing to do with Donald Trump.  Hmmm.

So far there is little to “love” about Walker, Bush, and Rubio and much to worry about them if they were to get the keys to the Presidency. Who would be the President?

Currently polling about 3.5% in the polls, Ohio Governor John Kasich has made an early positive impression. He has signaled that he will not pursue the “crazy”, the evangelicals, or the ultra conservative voters. Unlike Bush, Kasich has no known questionable baggage. Unlike Walker, Ohio has weathered the economic storms and appears on sounder economic footings than Wisconsin. And, unlike Rubio, Kasich has governed and has real executive experience. And to date, Kasich has said nothing ridiculous or acted outrageous like Trump. Instead, Kasich has acted Presidential.

It is still a long way to the GOP nomination. Kasich, if his campaign catches hold, will have plenty of chances to move to the dark side, or he might just emerge as a competent, moderate GOP nominee.

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2 Comments on “Why John Kasich?”

  1. List of X Says:

    I think Kasich is the sanest one of the Republican field, but I’m not sure you could call an executive position at Lehman Brothers “no baggage”. And there likely to be some baggage from Ohio governorship – it’s just that no one cares to look for it if his poll numbers are within the margin if error.

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