Hillary, Don’t Panic Yet

Recent poll numbers show Donald Trump and Ben Carson pulling noticeably ahead of other GOP Presidential hopefuls. It is simply mind boggling to imagine either one as President. Never the less, they lead the GOP field and no serious candidate is close. If you were Hillary Clinton wouldn’t you be breathing easy?

Maybe. But Hillary has her own challenges to face. Bernie Sanders has moved ahead in both Iowa and New Hampshire according to recent polls. Sanders’ message and “authenticity” has been well received. Democrat primary voters seem ready to pick him over Hillary. Hmmm.

This past week, Clinton launched a “refresh” of her campaign. She “apologized” for having used her private email account while Secretary of State using the “sorry” word. Hmmm. That really makes a difference.

Hillary might profit more from paying attention to the word “authentic”. While Trump is gaining GOP attention with bombastic statements, it is hard to imagine his persona wearing well until November 2016. Ben Carson is as cool as Trump is hot but neither has any experience with foreign policy. The GOP primary is now concentrated on 2 maybe three States. When it opens up to the remaining 48 States, it is doubtful either candidate can prevail especially when negative ads are released.

The same analogy can be made for Sanders’ campaign and then some. Women’s rights, immigration reform, and foreign policy concerns will not be as easy to discuss as his current emphasis on banks and low pay for workers. Hillary should do much better.

“Authenticity” may hound Clinton if she continues to keep a tight hold on her public exposure. Leaking to the press you are about to “refresh” your image is about as dumb and public opinion insensitive as one can get. As they say, just do it. People are not so obtuse that they can only pick up on human qualities if you tell them in advance to look for them.

Hillary is carrying a lot of baggage. To be specific, she has dozens of high paid advisors and strategists who are choreographing her every move. Nothing could be more “inauthentic”.

Clinton needs to look long term. At this point there is no GOP candidate who has a platform and demographic edge on the 2016 electorate. All suffer from some typical GOP base loving disease, you know those issues which will lose in a general election. GOP hopes lies in the Democrats nominating someone who also represents minority views.

Despite her wounds, Clinton is still the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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