Friends Who Are Not Friends

Recently the New York Times reported that the news media were disappointed and losing interest in Vice President Joe Biden over his apparent inability to make a decision to enter the Democrat primary. Now once again the press is on edge, “will Joe run?”

News Media interest is transparently self serving. Most recognize that Bernie Sanders cannot defeat Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrat field is even less threatening. With Biden, the media can look forward to animated debates and plenty of printable sound bites. With Joe in, TV time and newspaper sales go up.

And Biden’s entry could not come at a better time, the media thinks. Clinton has begun to open up her lead and has almost regained her insurmountable lead she had several months ago. For Democrats (without Biden), it’s game over, Hillary wins.

Unfortunately for Biden, the nomination will still go to Hillary should he enter the race. (His “friends” unfortunately will not tell Joe that.) With his entry, however, Biden runs the risk of ending his long political career as a “loser”, someone who ran a unnecessary race and lost. If there is any difference between a Clinton or Biden Presidency, it is tissue paper thick. Hillary and Bernie Sanders present more of a choice than a Biden-Clinton match.

So why not Joe?

The agonizing aspect for Joe Biden is he most likely believes he could beat a Donald Trump or any GOP candidate. The current cast of Republican primary candidates, save one, will speak for party positions which demographically cannot win. Donald Trump is the one candidate who can side step (look at the camera and say something else) the suicidal GOP positions on immigration, healthcare, women’s rights, and taxes.

In a Trump head to head with “just being Joe” Biden, Trump just might win, whereas against Hillary, the professional politician combined with the “first woman” label, Hillary ought to win in a walk.

Real friends should be counseling Biden that his path to the Presidency lies only against a damaged Clinton (like with an FBI indictment) or a wounded Clinton (like with a medical illness). Democrats would rush to Joe Biden.

Where are those friends?

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