A Jittery Nation

The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal had front page articles with practically the same headline… “President Obama Tries To Calm A Jittery Nation”. Hmmm.

I wonder where their reporters went in order to get the scoop on our nation’s jitters?

Why the President spoke to the nation from the Oval Office last night is also a mystery. What events called for a Presidential address sandwiched neatly between two NFL sold out games? And what did the President and his advisors think the GOP Presidential candidates were going to say following his speech?

America is stuck with an honest man as President. Awe inspiring? No, honest but he has not been awe inspiring since his 2008 campaign days. But is that so bad?

President Obama has studied the complex Middle East and decided it is not the place for American military presence. Over the years, a long list of radical Islamic groups (PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, Taliban and now ISIS) have used terroristic means attempting to gain control of oil resources and with it wealth and power.

These groups have shunned the ballot box and have instead elected to use fear and force. There is little reason to think that when ISIS has run its course, peace will reign and the sun will shine. Another extremist group will form in the vacuum and spread its form of dysfunction and terror.

President Obama has concluded that only the Muslim themselves can get the genie back in the jar. The West can minimize ISIS spread and if it reoccupied the Middle East could drive ISIS underground but not out of business. It is very unlikely with religious extremism as it is that the West could eradicate ISIS or any group that followed quickly.

Consequently, the President is against acting as the policeman because America stepping in lets the rest of the Muslim world off the hook.

GOP Presidential candidates may or may not see this, it is difficult to be sure what they really think. What is clear to most Presidential hopefuls is that they can get much better press coverage if they talk tough and use inciteful language.

The recent mass shooting in San Bernardino is being held up as a terrorist act. Hmmm. Maybe, but what about the guns? If America is to be “jittery”, it could be because Americans might be waking up to the hard data on how many Americans die from guns (far, far more than die from terrorism).

Regrettably, America is not jittery at all. The political hacks who advise both the President and his opponents are envisioning the Presidential race and the TV ads which will air. Each want to picture their candidate as concerned and as possessing the firmness to deal with these “big” issues.

History will show, however, that President Obama’s Middle East vision (2 State Solution, and Moderate Muslims taking on the radicals, the thugs, and the greedy) was well founded. Unfortunately, the President’s vision does not lend itself to sound bites.

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2 Comments on “A Jittery Nation”

  1. Jane Jones Says:

    Very well said. In our household we discuss your blog and agree. Thanks for this centrist point of view.

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