Making Sense Of Ones Life’s Work

Watching tonight a public TV presentation of Crosby, Stills, and Nash, I can not help but wonder what did those great artists think when they first burst onto the music scene. Did they think their first success would lead to more and in years ahead, and people would enjoy and value their music?  Or, did they look to the future and think they would age , gray, and get raspier in voice so they had better live life to the fullest?

Who knows but I doubt they gave it a thought. Few, hmmm, maybe no one thinks about getting older or what impact they will have made by that time.

Be aware, making sense of life, is not to be confused with the great mysteries of life (like the purpose of life). Rather it is about what I do today and what ramifications that act will have in the future.

Did Crosby, Stills, or Nash ever think about what impact their music might make on future generations, or how their music (and its success and their resulting fame) might make their lives more easy or more complicated? I wonder whether CSN ever wondered how their music might make others feel in the future?


Looking to current affairs, there are certainly explanations for why someone running for President of the United States, a land built upon civil liberties, individual freedoms, and the value of immigrants might take an excursion and denounce these principles. There are no good reasons, of course, but their are plenty of self serving ones. I just wonder whether these candidates are connecting their words with the history that lies ahead of them?

To be sure, there is wisdom, at times, in the words “live today, to die tomorrow”. If you succeed in this goal, you could live to be a very old person. Someday, however, one might reflect upon why did I say that or do this?

Looking at Crosby, Stills, and Nash, today they simply do not look like the ones who made the name Crosby, Stills, and Nash. That’s life, people get older.  Despite the aging, the audience was enthralled to see and hear CSN and treat their memories to a wonderful experience.

Our great universities, or for that matter any institute of learning would do well to figure out how to share with their youthful students the continuum of life, the role of history, and how a success today, while seemingly valuable and important, is too often a drop in the bucket from a life time perspective.

We are seeing too many businessmen and members of Congress who are acting on self interest without acknowledging the long term impact.

I wonder what they will think when they some up their life’s work sometime in the future?

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