Obama’s Legacy

The news media seems fixated on what will constitute President Obama’s 2 term legacy. Would it include the Affordable Care Act, the nation’s recovery from a near 2009 depression, the achievement of energy independence, the growth of green energy sources, the shutting down of two wars, the Trans-Pacific Trade Pact, the Iran nuclear settlement, or the Paris Environmental agreement. Hmmm.

If you listen to the GOP, the bag representing Obama’s legacy is not only empty of accomplishments, the only contents are pieces of black coal. This should be no surprise since the GOP has been the “just say no” loyal opposition since President Obama was elected. In this matter Republican opinion is sorely compromised.

To the extent that President Obama is worrying about his legacy, this is truly wasted energy. Only with the passage of time will the impact of actions President Obama instigated or did not take be seen. For President Obama, he should endeavor to keep the same course and same demeanor.

Those who think well of his time in office will not think more kindly and those who think poorly are unlikely to change (until someone less desirable takes office).

In comparison to Bill Clinton, Obama’s years have neither the taint of impropriety nor the sleaze of sexual scandals. There is even stronger contrast with George W Bush. President Obama cannot be accused of being intellectually lazy nor with making huge, unthought through foreign policy initiatives.

While many may still prefer to have a beer with “W”, nothing like the calamities of invading Iraq, sleeping through Hurricane Katrina, or allowing the nation’s financial institutions to bring the US (and the world) into recession and nearly a depression has taken place during President Obama’s watch.

For my money that’s not too bad for a legacy.

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2 Comments on “Obama’s Legacy”

  1. janiebjones56@gmail.com Says:

    Wish Obama could see your blog. He might send you a thank you. I would.

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