Icarus The Trump

It will be a sad day in many a media executive offices when Donald Trump finally flies to close to the sun. Yesterday, he came close while performing a public service. Trump spoke at a mandatory convocation at Liberty University (a Evangelical Christian university founded by Jerry Falwell).

The public service was probably unintended. Trump gave a fairly standard version of his stump speech to a cheering group of students. The casual observer quickly got to see just how close to christian values these bright young students seemed to be. Not so close.

Trump’s poll numbers still show no signs of exhaustion while his competitors all appear to have peaked. Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and even Ted Cruz appear to be losing ground to the Donald. Media’s last hope is a rebirth of Jeb Bush’s campaign but Jeb is stuck in single digit poll numbers. Hmmm.

If one listens to Trump’s rhetoric, one can imagine a candidate running (or flying) as fast as possible, so fast that his words can not catch up to him. Polls still show that Trump could win the GOP nomination and most likely get thrashed in the general election. Why? Trump has gained his following by marginalizing so many general election voters that his opponent will have an almost insurmountable lead.

But the main issue for Trump is can he keep from self distrusting long enough to gain the GOP nod?

There are no indications that Trump has another gear. He seems to be in fourth gear and his foot is on the pedal. Sooner or later, while racing at full speed, Trump will need to introduce something new. Trump will need to say something more outrageous (headline grabbing) so that he can keep his current supporters and gain just enough more to claim the nomination. This is where the danger zone lies for the Donald.

Like Icarus, Donald is the son of a successful father and in his own way has been a successful business man himself. Sporting wings of feathers and wax, Donald has soared in the GOP primary just like Icarus. Also, just like Icarus, Trump may lose sight of his objective and soar to close to the sun. The rest will be the same as the fate of Herman Cain.

IMO, a President Trump will not be as wise or effective as Trump now promises. His Presidency will also most likely not turn out to be a bad as many predict. It would certainly be entertaining.

So if Icarus the Trump can keep his mind on winning the primary and not flying as high as his feathers and wax will take him, America may get to learn whether Icarus the Trump can lead.

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