Is America Going The Wrong Direction?

The 2016 political season has given new energy to the opinion that “America is on the wrong path” or “American is going the wrong direction”. Candidates say this without providing any explanation or examples of what makes them say these words. Of course, their tag line is “and when I am President, I will change all that”. Hmmm.

Independent polling has confirmed that most Americans are dissatisfied with Congress, the President, and life in general. Where is the American Dream?

Income inequality is well documented. Benefits (like pensions and healthcare), long taken for granted are disappearing or sharply reduced by corporate actions and State laws for public sector employees. At the same time, education costs have skyrocketed. Recent graduates are entering their productive years with huge debt loads before they take on mortgages and car loans.

Sounds like the candidates and poll information are confirming that America is on the wrong path. Or does it

Has anyone asked a few simple questions like what other country represents the “ideal path”, the path America has somehow strayed from?

How about, what other country’s economy is growing faster than the America’s?  And would you like to live there?

What other country offers more freedom or expression or religious tolerance? Is this a place you are ready to join?

This “wrong direction” malaise does not seem to reflect reality if one looks globally. To be sure, many people feel it and most politicians are only to willing to feed these anxieties. But ask the question, what does “going the right direction” look like?

  • Does the wrong direction seek to prevent Pharmaceutical companies from raising prices as high as the market will bear, even when these same companies sell the same drugs in other countries for substantial less?
  • Does the wrong direction support healthcare systems which attempt to insure everyone while providing world class costs?
  • Does the wrong direction include greater protections for pensions and retirement planning?
  • Does the wrong direction involve tax codes where the wealthy do not pay the same (flat tax) as those earning minimum wages?
  • Does the wrong direction involve constraints upon unlimited campaign spending and open solicitation of special interests and lobbyists?

Well if this is what the 2016 Presidential candidates are thinking, then sign me up.

I have the unmistakable, however, feeling that “America is going the wrong direction” means American has not gone far enough in giving carte blanch to drug companies, spent enough on healthcare nor denied coverage to those who can not afford insurance, or that the current tax code is not skewed enough in favor of the wealthy, or that the intimacy between our elected officials and special interests close enough. Hmmm.

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