Is Chris Clueless?

MSNBC host Chris Mathews is known for his breathless style of combative interviews. “Hardball” is the place where Chris performs.  Mathews talks through his guest’s answer, especially if the guest is not echoing what Chris has just said. While there isn’t a partisan issue that Chris doesn’t take up, Mathews just lives for election time and the chance to paint the colors red and blue on everyone who breaths.

In the past, Hardball was the marque MSNBC show. Today, however, Hardball must take a back seat to Rachael Maddow and Morning Joe (with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski). Never the less, Mathews is a student of politics and is uninhibited in sharing his views with any audience.

Like most other commentators, Chris has been taken aback by the antics of Donald Trump. How could he say that and get away with it?  And just as most commentators, Mathews is switching his story on Trump’s electability.

Today on Morning Joe, Chris shared that there was something special about Trump’s strategies. Mathews thought Trump’s main strength was his ability to make his supporters feel good!!!???

Likening Trump to Reagan, Mathews said that Trump supporters while dissatisfied with Washington, President Obama, and maybe the prospects of getting a larger slice of the American Dream, supporters were really hearing Trump’s message, “Making America Great Again”. Hmmm.

In an odd way, Mathews may actually be analyzing Trump’s overall campaign strategy correctly. Trump gets the audience’s attention by slamming this group or that one. Forget about America’s history of welcoming immigrants and tolerating multiple religions, Trump is ready to demean these minorities knowingly feeding many other American’s secret beliefs. To complete the sale, Trump offers his audiences the “hope” that life will get better with a President Trump.

“I’m smart, a very good business man, and wildly successful” (Trump says), all things his supporters are not. But it is these characteristics that make the slogan “Make America Great Again” believable.

Mathews may deserve some credit for articulating correctly Trump’s overall game plan. But Chris seemed clueless just gushing over the “Trump-ster’s” ability to make people feel good about the country. To be sure, had Donald Trump been able to garner his same level of support without calling Mexican “rapists” or calling for sealing our borders to all Muslims, there very well may have been reason to believe this stroke of genius might translate into a truly great President.

I wonder why Mathews does not see or hear the “Pied Piper”playing?

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