Kasich Unforced Error

There was so much hopeful about John Kasich’s candidacy, like he might be the only adult in the GOP room. His background included business, Congress, and a successful run as Ohio’s Governor. He has kept his campaign positive while his opponents frolicked in slams and dirty tricks against each other. On many issues, Kasich seems a moderate, only slightly right of center. His candidacy is still a long shot given the success of Donald Trump and the apparent “establishment GOP” support for Marco Rubio. Never the less, Kasich can’t be ruled out.

This week John Kasich took a step which will ensure he won’t become President. Kasich followed through on a promise to defund Planned Parenthood in Ohio.

Actually Governor Kasich signed a bill which does not name Planned Parenthood. Rather it restricts Ohio State funding from institutions which also perform abortions. Hmmm. Is that a difference without a distinction?

Kasich’s unforced error lies in why get involved with an issue where women’s right to choose is involved and the hardship resulting from trying to close down Planned Parenthood will fall on poor, often single women? Why conduct a war when none is needed?

Certainly, abortion can be a matter of conscience. For some, abortion is wrong, period. Marco Rubio has said he favors a total abortion ban even in cases of incest and rape. While Rubio’s views are extreme, he is most likely someone who believes abortion is a moral crime… even if the Supreme Court has ruled otherwise, namely that abortion is the right of every woman.

Kasich’s unforced error arises from the fact, much like the GOP case for repealing Obamacare, what State facilities will replace Planned Parenthood, especially to assist poor women in search of family planning advice?

Being against abortion is Katich’s right as a free thinking citizen but he has no right to impose that on other Americans.

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4 Comments on “Kasich Unforced Error”

  1. I’m still in Kasich’s corner. In the debates, he seems to be the only adult in the room. You are right that PP is a tough issue to take on, especially during an election. But that is exactly the kind of move that will pick up votes for him from “Conservatives.” I think he is more likely positioning himself as a VP, probably to Rubio. I do want to ask if imposing prolife is any different than imposing prochoice? Why should Americans be protected from one viewpoint and not the other?

    • Blitz, thanks you for the comment. I think also that Kasich is interested in a VP spot if he can’t get the number one position himself.

      With regards to “why should Americans be protected from one viewpoint and not the other”, I assume you are referring to “profile” and “prochoice”. Although these labels are often held as opposites to each other, as I understand both movements, they are not opposites at all. Prochoice is about allowing a woman the right to make reproductive health decisions which may involve family planning and birth control, and in some case an elective abortion. Pro-life is a movement which seeks to deny a woman a right to her reproductive health, even in cases of rape and incest. Pro-choice does not argue women should seek abortions for unwanted pregnancies while pro-life does argue a woman must carry to full term.

      In a more perfect world, Pro-life would advocate for women to prevent unwanted pregnancies, offer information on why a woman should go full term, and in the event of an abortion (for example one that is medically necessary to protect the mother’s life) counseling on how the woman could still have a child in the future.

      I’m afraid the pro-life movement is a thin cover for religious dogmas which sincerely believe in no abortions. Strangely these groups profess a belief that life is so important and yet accept killing in war and accept the death penalty. Go figure.

      • I’m not going to drag your post down in an abortion debate. I would just like to note that to say prolifers simply want to deny women their right to reproductive health is missing a big factor–the unborn life that has no ability to protect itself. Obviously there is a debate about when life befins, but for Prolifers they consider an abortion to be murder (absent exigent circumstances). I’m one of those strange floating in the middle ones, because I believe the unborn needs protection; at the same time, I hate any government intrusion into medical care and decisions. Government already controls medicine far too much. I do agree with you that many prolifers are inconsistent with their “prolife” views. But that’s a whole other discussion. Glad to have found your Blog. I enjoy chewing on controversial issues and challenging ideas. Blog on!

      • Blitz, thanks and understand your thoughtful positions. Many of these issues of conscious are difficult enough without the mix of politics.

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