Pope Francis, Are You Listening?

This week Archbishop Robert J, Carlson came down hard on the Girl Scouts. Mostly 10 and under girls apparently represent a threat to Catholic dogma. According to archdiocese press releases, the girl scouts are following a policy of “inclusion”. Hmmm.

Why would the Catholic Church at this point in world knowledge and public opinion try to swim up stream? The veiled enemy Archbishop Carlson is worried about is the full acceptance of gay and transgender people. The Church apparently does not see gays and transgender people as a normal segment of the population, fully deserving of recognition and in no way the proper target of ridicule.

The Saint Louis Archdiocese like leaders of many other conservative US Catholic dioceses thinks the road to a red hat is still by being more Rome than Rome. Pope Francis, however, given his performance to date, would never pick a fight with young girls, nor most likely pick a fight with adults over an issue of supporting Girl Scouts. The Saint Louis diocese seems tone deaf.

Being a private organization, the Catholic Church is, of course, free to support Girl Scouts or not. But in a world where wholesome activities are hard to find for our young people, choosing to denounce Girl Scouting because their national leadership embraces all young girls regardless of their sexual orientation or that of their parents is very troubling.  Are these church officials still stuck in grove of “nurture or nature”?

I wonder whether Pope Francis is listening?

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