The Supreme GOP Decision Not To Act

Republican leaders and especially those who claim to be a conservative’s conservative have signed on to a completely hypocritical policy. Should we be surprised?

Antonin Scalia was a Supreme Court giant and eagerly applied strict constructionist views to law interpretations. For Scalia, the Constitution should be read literally as the “Founders” intended, not as one might think the realities of 2016 would imply. Hmmm.

Scalia also saw the Court as an equal branch of government and as such independent of the petty ways of Congress and the political twists of the Presidency. Scalia saw the Court as an arbiter deciding which laws were justified on a Federal level and which powers should be reserved for the States.

Strangely, Congressional Republican leaders have lost sight of this and instead are prepared to sacrificed Scalia’s record for wants and fears of Republican Party extreme segments. GOP leaders appear adamant that Judge Garland will not receive a hearing or an up or down vote this year.

In the past two days Judge Garland has had courtesy meetings with Senate Judicial Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senator Pat Toomey both Republicans and both of whom are up for reelection this fall.

Following their meetings both men said Garland was impressive but their minds were not changed, that is, no hearings, no up/down vote until the Presidential election was held.

Lest there be no doubt the GOP decision for “no action” is pure politics reflecting “we have the majority, so we do this”. The GOP is also upping the stakes for what Democrats might do the next time they are in power, and even more importantly, the GOP seems unwittingly tinkering with one of the Democratic principles which has allowed our Government to rule even when there were great external or internal disagreements.

The GOP is playing with a core element of our Democracy and instead embracing that third world “stacking” of the judiciary.

For Pat Toomey, there is no doubt he would want a more conservative Supreme Court nominee than a very moderate Judge Garland. Toomey, a former President of the Club for Growth, however, is throwing caution to the wind.

Toomey is a Senator from Pennsylvania which will most likely vote for a Democrat Presidential candidate in November. Toomey’s mouthing of the GOP leadership line may get him campaign funds but it almost assuredly hand victory to his Democrat opponent.

The GOP leadership have selected a strategy which may produce more than one loser. For sure, precedent and following good order will be casualties. Four or more Senate Republicans up for reelection are likely to lose and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell can use his time from November to January to move his Senate Leader’s Office to just another office.

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