You Must Be Kidding

It seems certain now that the Presidential race will be between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, a world famous entrepreneur versus a world famous States person. Hmmm.

Since Trump announced his candidacy and began competing against 16 other GOP hopefuls, his modus operandi has been marked by xenophobia and personal and derogatory statements. Muslims and Mexicans became the everyday persons’ enemy, and Trump would take care of them. With regards to other candidates, Trump simply bullied them with taunts rarely receiving equally effective replies. Jeb Bush was low energy, Marco Rubio was Little Marco, Ted Cruz was Lie’n Ted, and so on. Even more rare was any discussion of policies or whether these policies were connected to the problems the US faces.

Last week Trump was true to form and announced on national television that a judge hearing a fraud suit against Trump University should recuse himself because the judge was Mexican and was biased. These words totally unglued GOP leaders who had held their noses and elected to support Trump. Yesterday, Trump began to walk back his comments, or at least water them down.

Today Trump announced a major speech as early as next Monday in which he would “tell it like it is” about the Clintons, Hillary his opponent and Bill as well. There are no shortage of “Clinton conspiracy” stories and Bill Clinton’s philandering is well known too. Will Trump do it again?

Trump’s style has been to bully his opponent and in the process keep the name Donald Trump on the 7/24 media spotlight. The “Trump Brand” will fix all that is wrong, he tells his supporters. Trump’s supporters, in turn, accept that whatever issue they want improved or eliminated they are sure Trump will deliver on his promise.

In short, Trump has tried to use personal attacks and playing to some voters fears as a means to distract an opponent while avoiding any real, fact filled discussion of policy. Will that be enough to defeat Hillary Clinton?

If you look into the eyes of Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell, one can tell they despise Trump and probably do not think he will win. Ryan and McConnell do care about retaining control of the House and Senate, however. So, they will be putting on the game face each and every day. This is the best they can do with the cards the way they are.

The GOP is praying for an FBI indictment over Hillary’s private email server but that is a long shot. Short term, Ryan and McConnell must tidy up after the Donald makes a mess with some outlandish statement.

Justice would suggest a Clinton win in November along with a serious loss of House seats and a loss of control of the Senate. Following 8 years of just saying no and the piece de resistance, stone walling Merritt Garland’s Supreme Court appointment, the majority of Americans should deliver a message, the last eight years is not how to execute governance.

Of course, Donald Trump could put forward a fiscally conservative, social progressive (libertarian like) set of policies and surprise everyone on his grasp of the key issues. I wonder whether his message will be substance based or one more rehash of anti-Clinton rhetoric which the ultra conservatives have handed out for the past 24 years?

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