Snatching A Whupping Again From A Victory

Today, in an emergency House Select Committee meeting, the GOP came away with a thorough self inflicted drubbing. Asking clearly partisan questions, the Representatives lined up pro- and con- Hillary Clinton. Partisanship is understandable (although regrettable), but when the GOP’s eagerness to damage Hillary Clinton’s Presidential chances trashed the FBI, one must take pause.  It appeared the hearings exceeded these GOP representatives ability to listen and think clearly before asking predetermined questions.  Hmmm.

FBI Director James Comey provided an opening statement outlining the basis the FBI did not recommend prosecution. Comey cited a 99 year precedent of the Justice Department to not indict anyone on the statute in question.  Comey again said no reasonable prosecutor, knowing the facts, would have prosecuted.  To eliminate any confusion, Comey also explained why the David Patraeus case was different. Hmmm.

In announcing the FBI decision, Comey had said Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” in using the private email. His quote was tailor-made for reproduction in anti-Clinton political TV ads. How good could that have been?

Today, however, the GOP House members tried and tried to discredit the FBI’s recommendation “just because”. In the process, Director Comey made clear that Clinton’s use of a private server was not (1) a prosecutable offense, and (2) the same decision would apply to anyone else regardless or political party or rank. Regardless, one GOP representative after another used their 5 minutes to ask the same question, “how could the FBI have reached such a decision”?

There was plenty of questioning shame to go around but distorting the House’s role into a purely partisan fishing party on live TV showed Americans once more how unfit the GOP is to govern.

There is little chance that Republicans will lose control of the House in the next election but the hearings today did not change the outlook that they will lose a lot of seats.

Most observers believe that Republican supporters will see the GOP’s efforts as well founded and that Clinton has gotten away with what others would not. Clinton supporters similarly see the GOP as extremely partisan and not interested in anything other than damaging Clinton’s Presidential chances.

The bigger question is where will independents come out on this email affair?

IMO, the GOP snatched a whupping from what might have been an anti-Clinton gotcha.

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