Why Are Republicans Called “Conservatives” And Not “Revisionists”?

Headlines in the Philadelphia Inquirer read “GOP moves closer to conservative core”. Hmmm. I wonder what that means and what it implies?

“Conservative” in normal use describes someone who does not venture quickly from the status quo. A “conservative” is someone who does not readily take big chances. Change comes in small, measured steps.

This Inquirer article, however, spoke of the GOP’s wish to reject change and move back to the past. Issues such as abortion, gays rights, gun rights, and immigration reforms were all written into the GOP Presidential platform in a manner which would return the US to life over 40 years ago.

Gone would be woman’s right to choose, open freedom to discriminate against someone based upon their sexual orientation, eliminate most controls on gun ownership and use, and adopt immigration (largely this is about Mexican immigrants) practices which do not reflect the humanity of 11 million undocumented workers.

To be sure, a “conservative” voice in helping reduce the number of abortions (unwanted pregnancies), ending all forms of discrimination, and productively dealing with guns in the wrong hands or use in the wrong manner are all worthwhile events if “conservatives” were to wish to be other than obstructionists.

With respect to discrimination against anyone over sexual orientation, there is little ground to negotiate. The country has moved beyond the closet and is not going back.

While there should not be rules that require any “conservative” to marry anyone of the same sex, there is no place for “conservatives” to block the free choice of anyone else, be it for religious or personal beliefs.

While it is true that large numbers of Americans are pro-life, do not view homosexual life as ok, seek unfettered access to guns, and would prefer all undocumented workers deported, a majority of Americans favor a more progressive stance on these issues.

I wonder why “conservatives” are not content to hold these beliefs and living their lives without ever seeking an abortion, being content to believe what they will about gays (after all there are no thought police), support responsible gun use, and seek a humanitarian solution to having over 11 million aliens living in our Country’s shadows.  Why do they want to force their views on others?

The current crowd writing the GOP Presidential platform are once again giving “conservatism” a bad name.

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