Hillary’s Move

GOP presumptive Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, announced his pick for Vice President, Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Most view Trump’s pick as politically wise and much out of character for Trump to go “establishment”. For the Republican establishment, there was an audible sigh of relief.

The pick also telegraphed Trump’s willingness to do whatever is necessary to win the Presidential election. Pence, a one term Governor and otherwise a quite boring personality, faced a difficult reelection battle for all the right reasons.

Pence had during his term ushered in tax cuts and “religious freedom” legislation. The State now has major fiscal difficulties and Pence had to back track on the religious freedom bill when major businesses threaten to leave the State if the law stood. There were better VP picks but other than Christie and Gingrich, no one else seemed that interested.

Trump can now send Pence off to pander to the evangelicals and “less taxes” groups while he sits back and throws bombs at the Democrat ticket. GOP supporters will be more ready to accept Trump and overlook his inaccuracies (lies?) with Pence on board.

Hillary Clinton’s turn to name a VP pick is next. Wise and safe picks like Labor Secretary Tom Perez or Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack will have to be rethought. Will the resulting ticket be exciting enough to motivate the Democrat base? Will it be dynamic enough to energize former Bernie Sanders supporters?

Mike Pence’s selection also foresees an electoral college showdown. Trump is aiming to get all the usual “red” States and win the key battleground States. Hillary should do well with women, African Americans, GLBTs, and Hispanics. Will that be enough?

Logic would suggest Clinton should win in a walk (after a good scare). The GOP platform is a recipe for the past, open season on discrimination, and a pot of gold for America’s wealthy. But with Hillary’s high “mistrust” poll numbers, how can she make these points?  If not, who can help?

Elizabeth Warren anyone?

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