Make America Safe Again

The Republican Presidential Convention opens today with the theme “Make America Safe Again”. Media reports predict record TV audiences for the four day convention even while pundits are non-stop pointing out the division within the GOP. With so many main stream Republicans “unavailable” to speak, the actual evening agendas and specific speakers will likely surprise many. What will the Donald do?

Trump has set the opening nights theme is “Make America Safe Again”. Such topics like Benghazi are said to be featured. Hmmm.

I wonder whether the Trump team will speak to deaths by traffic accidents (30,000 per year) or slips and falls (20,000 per year)? And while they are at it I wonder whether they will speak to deaths by guns (33,000 per year)?

The first night’s theme is a telling indicator of the duality of purpose. Making America safe is hardly the GOP’s purpose. Instead, Republicans want to make Americans afraid and channel that fear into votes.

If the GOP can be so far off base on a measurable subject like safety, what else will they be wrong about?  Hmmm.

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