How About Some More Division?

When President Obama was elected, the Republican Party decided to just say no. For President Obama’s first two years, the Democrats enjoyed a Senate majority (thanks “W”) and some legislation was passed, notably the Affordable Care Act. Beginning in 2011, however, it was “NO” in capital letters.

The height of Republican “no-ism” came early this year when Senate Leader Mitch McConnell promised not to consider President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee vowing to wait until the next President was elected. Unprecedented and clearly outside the spirit of the Constitution, this was a politically divisive act of the first order. Many Republicans cheered McConnnell anyways.

This past week in Cleveland, Republican conventioneers have bemoaned the division of their own party, the division gripping Congress, and the division drenching America. Calls for unity and making America great again were heard everywhere. Has the GOP decided to turn the page on division and go back to governing in the entire country?


Senator Ted Cruz had other thoughts.  Cruz called for all voters to vote their mind. Read that no endorsement for Donald Trump. Cruz is all for GOP leadership… as long as Congress acts the way he thinks it should. And Cruz is just not so sure about Trump.

Most of the GOP speakers have been in agreement on only one subject. Hillary Clinton.

Each speaker tried to out vilify Clinton compared to the other speakers. The hyperbole went as far as to call for sending potentially the next President to jail for acts which up to now have not been judged criminal by any competent authority.

These anti-Hillary chants are not likely to sway any Clinton supporters and the raw demographics currently point to a Clinton victory. So, what is the real message to be taken from the Republican Convention?

How about more jobs, improved foreign policy, ending poverty, immigration reform, or tax reform?


There has been no road map for new and better jobs laid out. There has been no plan revealed on how American foreign policy can be made more effective. There has been no ground swell behind ending poverty or dealing comprehensively with immigration and the 11 million undocumented living here now. While there has been broad support for tax cuts (a gift to the rich), there has been no discussion how such cuts would be offset with spending decreases.

In short, the only totally agreed upon position has been to demonize, if not outrightly label Hillary Clinton as a criminal.

Does anyone think these charges befit a party which claims it wants to govern the entire Country, let alone bring unity back?

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