Trump Is Destroying The Republican Party?

The news media is flooded with articles and commentaries about the demise of the GOP. The cause is laid at Donald Trump’s feet. The Grand Old Party will never be the same again, these media sages say. Hmmm.

IMO, there is little that separates a career Democrat from a career Republican elected official. First and foremost, both party members are set upon personal wealth generation, just as if they were still in private business. One must look much deeper to discern a difference.

Some will point to one party being “progressive” and the other “conservative”. Why would suddenly “conservative” approaches become out of fashion? Could it be that this approach does not work with the type of problems facing Americans? I doubt it.

By the same token, is the “progressive” party fully on target with solutions to America’s problems. No chance of that either.

Trump is most likely a red herring.

The Republican Party is a broken and defunct political organization and Donald Trump’s ascendence only serves to highlight the GOP’s dysfunctional ideology. Trump hasn’t destroyed the GOP, the GOP has destroyed itself through all the incompatible factions the GOP gladly has bundled together in order to gain majorities in Congress.

The 16 other Republican candidates who began the primaries (and who lost out to Trump) stood little chance of winning in the general election and may have fared even poorer than Trump.

A party can’t put women, gays, and immigrants back in the genie’s jar and move on as if nothing has happened. Tax reform may be a non-partisan and worthwhile objective, but passing a tax cut for the wealthy is unconscionable.

Repairing the infra-structure is another worthwhile goal but doing so by cutting entitlements is tone deaf. Cutting entitlements while increasing defense spending is cruel as well as wasteful.

And championing religious freedom as a thinly veiled cover for legal discrimination is tantamount to political suicide.

Donald Trump is a very clever imposture. His political views are a compilation of Democrat and Republican pledges. Most likely there are no Trump pledges that he would die for, other than promising what’s necessary to win.

This behavior in no way endangers today’s Republican Party, the GOP has done itself in.

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