Democrats Taking Stock

The Democrat National Convention closed Thursday night, Hillary Clinton and Vice President nominee Tim Kaine have set off on a campaign bus tour across Pennsylvania, and now it is time to assess how effective the DNC had been. In a few days the “official” polls will begin to trickle in and the media will breathlessly report them as hard fact, even if they are contradictory. That’s the American way.

For sure, the DNC stage management and presentation was hands down superior to the Republican convention. Points must also be conceded to the Democrats for handling the forced resignation of Debi Wasserman-Schultz professionally and without any short term blow back. And for sure Bernie Sanders deserves an award for being a first class adult in the room..

The DNC also sported some great speeches (and better than the RNC). Michelle Obama, President Obama, Khizr Kahn, Michael Blumberg, and General John Allen to name a few. But what about Hillary Clinton herself?

In comparison to the doom and gloom Donald Trump speech, Hillary’s was full of sunshine and optimism. Hillary was workmanlike, very positive, and on target for the already converted. Hillary supporters loved her speech.

Hillary explained to Americans why Donald Trump would be an unsafe choice for President and why he should not be elected. She said it 50 different ways. She then went on to explain what she would do as President, point by point by point. The electricity seemed to drain out of the air.

So the real race for President has begun. Donald Trump says he will fix everything without any indications how. Hillary Clinton says she will help the middle class by creating good jobs and suggests how. Hmmm.

The Clinton promises are questionable for two reasons. (1) The adverse impact of globalization may yield only to long term systemic changes resulting in worker’s improved  skills and education.  Hillary’s short term solutions may simply not produce results in the short term.  (2) Clinton’s proposals may require Congress’ legislative support, and what makes anyone think that the GOP members will say anything other than “no”?

IMO, previous Donald Trump supporters will be unchanged and polls will reflect the same numbers for him. For Hillary, her main, logically believable case, is that Donald Trump cannot be taken seriously and is totally unfit on foreign relations issues. In other words she is saying, “I might not be who you would like as President, but Trump is so bad I look great.”

Yet to come will be the debates, gaffs by either candidate, and the ever possible calamity either domestically or internationally which could galvanize Americans to take a chance with Trump or retreat to safety with Hillary. Time will tell.

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